Financial Information

Your total initial investment will depend on many factors including the size of the country and or region / territory to be negotiated. The cost to operate as the Master Franchisee will depend on the growth / expansion potential. This potential is agreed and decided based on our own retained consultants advice, who would be familiar with the territory and the brand potential within that territory. We also consider the prospective Master Franchisee’s views and opinions on the growth and expansion potential. Both views must be based on a realistic approach to the investment and the expansion schedule agreed.


Before entering into any master franchise agreement a letter of intent (LOI) will be agreed and signed. This letter of intent outlines the terms acceptable for a country and or region / territory.

Each Master Franchisee will be required to make a minimum payment, as a non refundable deposit based on the agreed country and or regional territory fee, as set out in the letter of intent. This deposit will allow the prospective Master Franchisee to enter into a 4-8 exclusivity agreement to discuss and negotiate all terms outlined in the specific master franchise agreement.


An important consideration in setting up The Bagel Bar Coffee House brand in a country and or region / territory is how to finance your investment. The criteria for a prospective Master Franchisee is to have non financed funds available to own and operate a minimum of 2 stores plus the funding for payment of the regional fee. The funding required to open 2 stores is country specific as is the regional / territory fee. As part of the required investment the minimum number of stores a Master Franchisee must open prior to sub franchising the brand is 1 store in year one but depending on the region may also be required to open an additional company owned store in year one or two. Please provide details of non financed funding available in the Master Franchise Enquiry Form.

Information Prospectus